About John G. Ludwig | SDI Networks Greenville, SC
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About John

Our own popular and influential business major is more of a family man. He believes that all of his values he has today are due to his parents, family and loved ones.

About John G Ludwig

John G Ludwig is a man who with his relentless will and compassion has become an inspiration for thousands of people across this great country. He is known as a man who has the very potential of making his dreams, goals and objectives come true. This is because he is a team-oriented leader that can actually help put or channelize the energies of his employees into something more constructive and meaningful. He is so capable and talented that he can just take a look at one of his employees and put them into a role that is right for them and the organization.  And this is what makes him the successful person that he is today.  Despite the fact that he was a subject of scrutiny and his personality or nature has always been judged/ screened by the media, he never lost hope and love for mankind. Now you may wonder what kept him positive or motivated even in the tough or trying times. The answer to this, is his constant support of his loved ones. Moreover, he owns a very special and strong bond with his family, considering them to be his lucky charm. He also believes that whatever he is, he is indebted to his friends and close ones.

The Furman University graduate owes his best of qualities to his athletic days where he learned the art of team spirit and never lose hope attitude. He believes that this is what helped him become the man he is today. Furthermore, he is highly involved in helping the abandoned youth and working for their betterment.  Speaking of which, he was also nominated and won awards for the same.  His work for the abandoned youth has not only won accolades but also a place in the hearts of every person he has touched. But, the fate did not welcome his well-being in a better way or with open arms and thus he faced charges as well as criticism of a lot of people. Though none of them were proven right, it never deterred him to work for the good of the people (or mankind)

Early Life

John G Ludwig was born in the small town of Lincolnton, Georgia.  He grew up on a chicken farm, the youngest child of John and Reesie Ludwig. The father was the local director of family and children’s services and after he retired, he spent three years as a magistrate judge. The mother ran a daycare.  His childhood was full of dreams which were to help bring a change in the community and, thus, make his family proud. The passion to become something was instilled into his life and that indeed became a source of motivation to do something resourceful.  After completing high school from

Lincolnton, he pursued a Bachelor of Science from the reputed Furman University which John attended on a full scholarship for football.  He was always a student/athlete who with constant hard work managed to earn good grades and a permanent spot in his teacher’s hearts.  Ludwig’s life was full of ups and downs but it was because of his beliefs and values he sailed through the trying times with grace and dignity. No matter how hard the time was for him or how he was forced to question his own significance; he did not lose hope or faith in himself. Moreover, he never gave up hope which goes to his learning’s he had from the days when he was an athlete.  He always had an inclination for sports which drove his desire to win at anything he did.

Well, following is the timeline of John G Ludwig’s life and achievements-
  • 1994- Graduate of Furman University
  • 1995- Started working at BSA sales. The company was a renowned third party marketing firm all over the US in the realm of technology manufactures. And, after a time period, he bought the
  • 2001- Founded SDI networks and quickly became one of the premier technology solution providers in the southeastern U.S.
  • 2004 – Sold BSA Sales to the third largest technology distributor in the U.S.
  • 2006- He was a member of the Paladin Club and was even elected as the Furman’s outstanding young alum. To add to this, Paladin club is a renowned or a reputed name that raises a nominal amount of money for the student-athlete scholarships.
  • 2008 – Founded SDI Funding which provided capital to construction firms and development companies
  • 2014- Started EverConvert and grew the company into one of the top SEO and digital marketing firms to the legal industry in the U.S..

Apart from this John has been involved in countless charitable endeavors. He was also involved in a lot of social work and thus takes a huge interest in helping the abandoned youth, and thus helping them understand or know the right direction in their life. Ludwig donated to various charities, including his high school to help pay for equipment as well as make sure underprivileged players have nice clothes to wear to away games, the Boys Home of the South, the Meyer Center and Furman. He was named an Outstanding Young Alumni by the university in 2007.  To acknowledge his kind and continuous works for the betterment of mankind, he was nominated as SC philanthropist of the year.

Personal life

Our own popular and influential business major is more of a family man. He believes that all of his values he has today are due to his parents, family and loved ones. He is very close to his family. And often sees them as his constant source of motivation. He believes that their smile is what can make his hard and tiring day, less weary. Not only that, he has done a lot of work for the community betterment and its people’s upliftment. Nevertheless, he has been a constant subject of scrutiny as well as media’s ridicule but he made a point that none of them will ever come in between his loved ones happiness. And a major share or a percent of getting away with grace goes to his loved ones and family, who no matter what the circumstance never lost a hope or belief in him.

He also shares a strong relationship with all of his employees, and this is how he continues to build a legacy. Be it his own family or the work family, he made a point to use his innate capabilities and help everyone around him achieve their desired accomplishments. And due to his quality of making good and healthy relationships with everyone he is indeed leading one of the fastest growing digital marketing firms in the U.S..